Stanley Park, Vancouver Totem Poles

July 13, 2008 at 2:49 pm | Posted in british columbia, canada, pacific northwest, vancouver | 1 Comment
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Stanley Park is one of the great city parks in the world…I believe it is the largest, but it is very rugged and lush and located right next to the bustling downtown region of Vancouver.  I lived in this great city for about a year and enjoyed every inch of the place.  These totem poles have inspired me to carve my own though at a much more humble size.  These logs are huge!  About 50 to 60 feet and the detail and craftsmanship is quite impressive.

stanley park

stanley park


My totem has animals that reflect my surroundings.  The woodpecker is pecking outside constantly near my home.  The chipmunk lives under my deck and usually sprints out in the morning.  Sonny, is a neurotic siamese cat that belongs to Ann…and soon will be living with me as well.  He’s very shy at first, but after a long period of adjustment he can warm up to you.  I want to continue with my wood carving, and one day I’ll erect a huge totem in my backyard!


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  1. AWESOME! You started to wood carve as well! That’s great! And your sketch is spot on.. oh, how I miss Vancouver so.
    That woodpecker is awesome. You got the flat on beak structure spot on!
    So you are now in Vancouver? Or were you just on Vacation?

    Here’s a tip though… add “pole” after saying “Totem”. The word actually means “Clan” in the Anishinabe (Ojibwa) language, and so without it, it reads “I’ll erect a huge ‘clan’ in my backyard”.

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