Lake Simcoe Spring

May 19, 2009 at 5:54 am | Posted in canada, lake, ontario, spring | 5 Comments
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lake simcoe spring

The spring in Canada always seems to come late.  It teases you with nice weather and then wind, rain, snow and sleet all come at once. When leaves finally emerge, this is a great time to bring out the bright yellow and greens of early spring.  The wind picks up and the waves create a nice energy to the once frozen and static scene.



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  1. Lake Simcoe is awesome cottage country. The sky is like you wouldn’t believe in the city, you can actually see the Milky Way and smaller and smaller stars in between each other. Oh, look! There goes the satellite 🙂 Still, there are all usual stores nearby.

  2. May I use your picture for an events page for Georgina, on Lake Simcoe?

    • Sure Pam, it would be my pleasure, send me the link!

      • I want to use it as the banner for this facebook group. It basically shares with the community about things going on. I need a “spring” view and fell in love with this picture

      • It is my pleasure! Here’s an animated film that I finished this past year based on the Lake…

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