I love to sketch and love to travel!  Many people take photographs to record their journey and I too love to snap a picture but drawing really puts you in the environment.  Just the act of drawing forces you to sit still to record not only the visual setting but the other senses come alive.  I find traveling alone is the best situation in capturing a good sketch.  Usually when I am with friends or family, I feel obligated to rush and never feel that I have given the drawing a fair attempt.  I am facinated with the blog format as I believe it is quite possibly the best venue for this type of communication.  I look forward to sketching and uploading new pics and hopefully connect with fellow artists who share the same passion.  I love blending old fashion technology of a pen and sketchbook with the latest cyberspace tools! (Thanks WordPress!).

I spend my time half in South Carolina, and the other half in Ontario so I get a nice change between weather, terrain and seasons.  I also try to mix it up between observing people and landscapes though lately I have been using an IPAD for digital paintings and focusing on landscapes more.  Traditional sketching involves one more step in scanning…something I am getting lazy and neglecting to do so.  Nonetheless,  I will try to balance the approach.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you are inspired to bring a note pad and some color pencils with you on your next trip!


Me sketching “Dry” Falls in Highland, NC Jan 2006




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  1. Dear Mr. Donar,

    I am the owner of a up and coming landscaping company in Richmond, Virginia. Each year around this time I print holiday cards for all my clients. In scouring the web this morning for ideas of what I might draw or paint (I like to be somewhat original) I came across your blog and love your work. I was hoping if at all possible you would allow me to use your McCowen Road, Sutton Ontario painting image to affront my cards. I would be more than happy to give you due credit for the image inside the card (as well as send you one when completed), plus give you thanks and try to persuade my clients to check out your blog by posting your blog address and give you credit on my company’s Facebook page. I wanted to definitely ask for permission as I greatly value the time and effort put into your exceptional work. Please call me asap at 804.381.8204 or e-mail me at jcartwright@cartwrightlandscaping.com. Many, many thanks…

    Jeff Cartwright

  2. Hiyah. I am just out cyberstrolling and found this site by accident. How exciting to view sketches of places rather than photographs. There’s a real rich intensity to sketching. Thank-you for so generously sharing.

    • Thanks so much for the comment and visiting my sketch blog. I enjoy drawing and really enjoy having the opportunity to share it.

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