Moe Joes Cafe, Clemson, SC

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Open Mic at Moejoes




Eurydice at the Brooks Performance Hall, Clemson

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Theatre sketching is always a treat and it can be quite a challenge to draw in the dark.  I love the performances and being in the moment trying to capture personalities and character with loose expressive gesture.  Eurydice is a play based on the wife of Orpheus and her perspective.

SC_Brooks_EurydicesG SC_Brooks_EurydicesF SC_Brooks_EurydicesE SC_Brooks_EurydicesD SC_Brooks_EurydicesC SC_Brooks_EurydicesB SC_Brooks_EurydicesA

Open Mic at the Earl in Stoufville

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ON_Earl_March2John ON_Earl_OpenMic_March2

Another open mic session but with a variety of artists.  One musician asked me to sketch his guitar and I found it to have a real nice set of details and color that I went home and added these details.  Guitars are a work of art in themselves and I don’t do it enough justice when sketching on site as you have to be quick to get the gesture and personality of the musician.  It is a very sensitive subject matter as every musician knows their guitar inside and out so I try best to get the likeness of the guitar from the head down to the body shape.  The fiddle is a another issue altogether as it is much smaller but has more curves and details you cannot leave out.  As with anything else, it takes practice and with more time I hope to get better at drawing the instruments as they do shape the performer and it is the focus of the event.

Coffee House, Toronto

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Drawing people in coffee houses can fall into predictable patterns with most sitting in chairs reading or looking down at their smart phones.  You do get to observe dialog but most of the time it’s people looking down.  But still, I like to capture the entire space and there are few gems like this guy with his feet in such incredibly stressed positions.


York Regional Finger Style Guitar Sketch Sessions

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ON_YorkFingerStyleSessionB_Feb16 ON_YorkFingerStyleSessionA_Feb16

2013 Washington County Fair, Buffalo Barfield

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My good friend from the Hagood Mill in Pickens, SC, Greg Barfield (Buffalo), was performing out in Washington County, NY.  State Fairs are a great place to draw people and animals but unfortunately I only had time to draw Buffalo and a few groupies.  Greg is a common subject of mine but that big hat keeps making me draw him like a ranchero dude.

BuffaloBarfieldC_WashingtonFair2013 BuffaloBarfieldB_WashingtonFair2013 BuffaloBarfield_WashingtonFair2013BuffaloBarfieldD_WashingtonFair2013

Seattle Bumbershoot

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Asheville Late Summer

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Asheville is always a welcome sight when you live in the rural south.  Art deco is prevalent all around and always great people to sketch.

City Bakery is a nice independent bakery/coffee house right on the edge of downtown.  I like it for good pastries and a relaxed place to sit and draw.  They come to you!


I had lost my sketch book after this drawing and was real disappointed that I almost filled it up and now lost a years worth of work.  Thank goodness that I put my e-mail info and a nice gentleman contacted me and reunited me with it.  This sketch is a down shot which is rare for me as I don’t look down much…which is important as an artist to get all point of views and perspectives.  Though I love how I drew the tire on the car closest to us in a different perspective.  I always loathe drawing cars as they require such precision and detail.    Often I can only draw boring boxy cars and when I try to get sleek or interesting, they fall apart.  That’s why I guess I was never a automobile designer.  I do respect those designers as it is my weakest trait.

The Grove Arcade is a wonderful Neo-Gothic style with some interesting shops.  This is the first time I just sat and drew inside.

This is the Old World or Old European Cafe or something like that.  It’s usually crowded and the service is slow, so it’s rare that I go in.  But it has a great window seat as you are literally sitting in a bay window elevated so you can see everything.  This was a quick night sketch which is always a challenge since you have to render lights and subtle darks with quick cross hatching.  It was a hot humid night and a nice quick down pour came in.  When I feel lonely and isolated, sitting in a nice comfortable seat in Asheville helps alleviate the blues.

Toronto Nathan Phillips Square

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Hula Hoop

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I did these sketches in Greenville SC, at the Reedy River park.  There’s something fresh and energizing when you do fast gestural sketches.  There’s no thought or time to spend on values and detail.  The important thing is to capture the vitality and force of the character.  Hopefully you are able to evoke energy and what will happen next.

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