Toronto Urbanscape St. James area

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ONTorontoUrbanAdelaideChurch30July2015 ONTorontoStJamesSquare30July2015 ONTorontoUrbanPeople30July2015


Asheville, NC Weekend Sketches

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City Hall, looks like an art deco space ship.  I wonder if one day all the creative types will come aboard and it will launch off into the cosmos, leaving Asheville a cultural wasteland.


This is near Vance Square, and I love the activity of people, places and musicians.  The long light, makes it an ideal for street artists and musicians to perform.  This is the best meeting place and there seems like all type of people have rendezvous here.


SC_Landrith_Cafe_Feb7_2015 NC_Asheville_People_Feb7_2015

Guitarist plays amidst the hustle and bustle.  Street people also patronize the location and they are eager to busk for money with less talent.  The 4th panel is a Dulcimer player in the Grove Park Arcade.  He was listed as a luthier and a cosmic new age spiritual performer.  His playing was no doubt celestial and uplifting.  His performance was between a drum, piano, and guitar.

Flat Iron Bldg, Toronto

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Coffee House, Toronto

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Drawing people in coffee houses can fall into predictable patterns with most sitting in chairs reading or looking down at their smart phones.  You do get to observe dialog but most of the time it’s people looking down.  But still, I like to capture the entire space and there are few gems like this guy with his feet in such incredibly stressed positions.


Toronto Winterscape

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ON_Toronto_JarvisKing_PeopleB_Jan24 ON_Toronto_JarvisKing_PeopleA_Jan24 ON_CoffeeA_Toronto_Jan24 ON_Toronto_JarvisKing_Jan24

Drawing urban landscapes it is important to get the scale and correct perspective.  Something I clearly failed to do with the lamp post.

Toronto, Front St.

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ON_Toronto_FrontSt_Sept5ON_Toronto_FrontSt_People_Sept5  ON_Toronto_Coffee_Sept5

Montreal People

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Sitting in the Starbucks on St. Catherines in Montreal drawing people inside and outside with great variations of winter fashions.

This is an I PAD sketch of the outside view…


Thanksgiving break in a Toronto Pub

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This is a nice little pub, Dominion on Queens, on Queen Street East in Corktown neighborhood of Toronto near my friend Eugene’s place.  I like this pub as it’s very intimate and cozy and they actually have very good soup.

T.O. in spring

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Toronto, Jarvis and King

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This is one of the oldest parts of town and it’s right near the St. Lawrence Market.  I still struggle with drawing cars but I’ve learned to start with ovals and that helps get the gist.

Seattle Bumbershoot

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Asheville Late Summer

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Asheville is always a welcome sight when you live in the rural south.  Art deco is prevalent all around and always great people to sketch.

City Bakery is a nice independent bakery/coffee house right on the edge of downtown.  I like it for good pastries and a relaxed place to sit and draw.  They come to you!


I had lost my sketch book after this drawing and was real disappointed that I almost filled it up and now lost a years worth of work.  Thank goodness that I put my e-mail info and a nice gentleman contacted me and reunited me with it.  This sketch is a down shot which is rare for me as I don’t look down much…which is important as an artist to get all point of views and perspectives.  Though I love how I drew the tire on the car closest to us in a different perspective.  I always loathe drawing cars as they require such precision and detail.    Often I can only draw boring boxy cars and when I try to get sleek or interesting, they fall apart.  That’s why I guess I was never a automobile designer.  I do respect those designers as it is my weakest trait.

The Grove Arcade is a wonderful Neo-Gothic style with some interesting shops.  This is the first time I just sat and drew inside.

This is the Old World or Old European Cafe or something like that.  It’s usually crowded and the service is slow, so it’s rare that I go in.  But it has a great window seat as you are literally sitting in a bay window elevated so you can see everything.  This was a quick night sketch which is always a challenge since you have to render lights and subtle darks with quick cross hatching.  It was a hot humid night and a nice quick down pour came in.  When I feel lonely and isolated, sitting in a nice comfortable seat in Asheville helps alleviate the blues.

Toronto Nathan Phillips Square

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