Seattle Bumbershoot

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Leavenworth, Washington

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This is on the eastern side of the Cascade mountains in Washington state.  My buddy Pete took us there and we froze at night.  It’s a nice place, but on the eastern side they allow motor bikes and horses on the trail.  Lots of exhaust, noise and horse shit.  But this lake was almost all ours and you can hike another 1000 feet up to get to the alpine region where you can embark on all kind of expeditions.  I love the Northwest in this regard, you can really get up into some serious alpine hikes whereas the Blue Ridge mountains are more pastoral and you are bound to bump into private land or development every few hours.  The west is more remote and was subjected to less abuse by the white man…but for how long?  Population and development is encroaching upon these rugged and wild places.  I hope for our sake that preservation and protection is in order to allow new generations to discover these places.



Seattle Discovery Park

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This past July, Ann and I went out on a long road trip to Seattle.  She almost killed me, but we both lived!  I love Seattle as I lived there during my most creative years.  Discovery Park is the best place in Seattle.  It’s a big place and out of the way on the sound.  You can escape and be by yourself.  The light house sticks out at a point and on the other end of the beach you can see Mt. Rainer…if it’s not cloudy!


discovery park, mt rainer

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