Windy day on Lake Simcoe

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It was a very windy day and the waves were active.  I tried to get the clouds as billowy as best I could but water colors  don’t handle subtle whites all that well.  It’s more of a subtractive medium where the lightest aspect of your composition is best left alone and you work around that.  But clouds have amazing subtle blues, purples and yellows and I find that oils or digital medium are better as you can add hues and values as well as feather and soften edges.  Water colors can only soften when the paper is wet but soon afterwards things harden up.  When you transfer, scan or photograph the original some the subtle strokes get lost and the image gets flattened.




Lake Simcoe, Jackson’s Point, Sept 11

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I had fun with this one as there was a lot of action in the sky.  I will start to focus on the twilight aspects soon but it’s hard to decide when to wait and when to engage.  This is the most dramatic time of the day and you only have minutes to get the moment.  I will have to bring 4 or 5 cards next time so I can just keep going.  Bringing only one or two can limit your opportunities as you don’t want to “over work” one composition which is something I’m always doing.  Sunsets start with some nice intense yellows, but then progress to orange and then about 30 seconds of this incredible bright red that I can never seem to capture.  Finally after that is all done, there is some nice subtle reds, purples and blacks that linger, and so this is why I need to plan ahead next time.  Of course, sometimes the clouds and sun don’t always cooperate, as there are times the sun gets covered up too soon and everything turns into a dull shade of blues and there are other times where the sun breaks through at the last minute and all the clouds blaze.  Then the water is something you need to focus on as well as it reflects the mood of the sky.  Wind helps as it creates just one or two tones, but if it’s clear and still out, then you are forced to paint reflections and takes time to try to put in the right amount of ripple, reflection and clouds in that water.  At the end of the day, you have to walk away and try not to look at the paintings until the next day as you are always discouraged on the spot when comparing your work to Mother Nature, but then the next day you are grateful for such an experience as it always motivates you for another sunset experience.

Briars Golf Course, Dusk

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Briars Cedar Pine

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