Cedar on Simcoe

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Here’s an animation that I’m did based on the Cedar tree on our association beach near Jackson’s Point on Lake Simcoe…


Briars cold winter day

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This was a quick water color study at the Briars Golf course.  The water froze in my cup so I had to finish it back home.  That is the frustrating part of outdoor sketching in the winter up north it’s so cold you don’t have much time to get things down.  The brushes stiffen up and the colors stop flowing.   This is an interesting tower that stands right in the middle of the course.  It’s basically deserted inside and it’s made out of concrete.

The Black River

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The Black River leads out to lake Simcoe.  This view is from the Briar’s golf course bridge.  Normally I don’t do much landscapes of a golf course, but this was such a great fall day and the best view of the river.  The only other view would be from a canoe…that is still pending.  This landscape is rather clean in terms of natural debris and random elements found in more natural settings, so I decided to enhance the sterile and cultivated landscaping that goes with a meticulous kept golf course.  You rarely see a stray leaf on the course or surrounding lawns.

Golfer’s Lane

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This is a path that leads through the golf course to the main resort.  I often jog,hike and walk through it all season.  Fall is one short moment that you can capture the exciting change.  I went out with water colors to sketch on location, then I decided to try a digital painting based on the raw colors I captured a few weeks ago.  There something about standing in one place for an hour to absorb all the environment, light and color as opposed to taking a quick photograph.  The eye is still the best camera out there and I think I did a decent job in preserving that freshness in the final version.

First Snowfall

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sutton snow

The first snow is always exciting.  This is our first snow in Sutton, Ontario.  This is our front lawn, and I hope to do another version of the back.  The Briars is next door and there are a lot of opportunity to capture snowscapes near lake Simcoe.  It’s not even winter yet, but there will be plenty of opportunities to capture the snow in Ontario.

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